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That’s why we’ve designed an entire collection of bespoke furniture to present your records in the best possible light. But this isn’t just about showing off your 45s and 33s like museum exhibits: our meticulously crafted wares are designed to add genuine utility. Sure, we’ve got the frames to hang your most cherished record covers above the hi-fi, or wherever you designated pride of place may be. More importantly, we’ve got the equipment to hold your record player, amp and all those other components that are essential in making the magic happen.

Like a favourite woolen sweater or an old 45 you can’t stop spinning, our furniture feels comfortingly familiar. Each piece is brand new, yet exudes an aesthetic that echoes through the ages. These are audio accessories for the vinyl connoisseur, each one as distinctive as your record collection. Sophisticated. Timeless. Tidy. We could keep listing superlatives, but you get the idea.


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We believe that listening to vinyl is more than just a hobby: it’s a way of life.  

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